Late Summative Evaluation Item Policy:

Policy for all summative (marked) evaluation:
  1. Late assignments and other pieces of evaluation are not accepted after the item has been returned to the class, or one week after the due date, whichever comes first. 

  2. A mark of zero will be assigned to items handed after the period described (1) above.

  3. Some specific pieces of evaluation, (for example, seminars) because of the need to be completed on a specific day, may receive a mark of zero if not completed on the planned date. This type of assignment is indicated on the mark sheet.

  4. A skipped test results in a mark of zero.
  5. In other cases, 5% is deducted per day late up to a maximum of 25%.

 Students that do not hand in a piece of evaluation on the due date, but before the time period described in (1) above has expired, will be penalized on that piece of evaluation at the rate of 5 percent of the item's total mark for each day late.

The maximum penalty will be:
25 percent of the assignment's total mark

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